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About The Photographer

In the movie Dr. Zhivago, a young man chooses his professional career as a doctor, only to be overwhelmed by the visual splendor around him. A beauty that awakens the artist in him, and leads to poetry that stirs the hearts and souls of people around him for generations.

Different time, different location, but I can relate to this story, and to that dormant artist that exists in everyone, and especially me.

I’ve been a photographer since 1978. I graduated from Coronado High School (Class of ’82). Ever since I can remember, I’ve been a photographer with my eye on a career as a photojournalist.

In high school I taught myself to use a camera, and began capturing inspirational images at an early age. I joined the photo staff where, for three years, I found the joy in shooting photos with a purpose. Outside of school I began to shoot surfing, local news events, and fellow students in need of modeling photos as they pursued careers in that direction.

One of the most inspirational events that happened to me in those years was being invited to a local photographer’s home. His name was Aaron Chang and his slide show that night was amazing. Aaron went on to become an internationally acclaimed surf photographer. I’m sure he never knew how much of an impression he made on me that evening.

In 1982 I started a job with a local plumber. I enjoyed the work and understood it would always be a needed service, no matter where I moved, as my young family was developing. The camera, and becoming a photojournalist, slowly faded into the rear view mirror for the next 35 years.

For nearly four decades I continued my plumbing career, working in almost all facets of the industry of plumbing and drain cleaning. Ironically, I have been filming sewer lines for the last 20 years. Photography? Yes. But not nearly as captivating.

Through different avenues and projects, I always knew, I always felt, that I still had an eye for what makes a good photograph. It was still in my blood to create and bring joy to others through my photography. Deep down, the camera was calling to me.

Three years ago, my first grandson was born. At that point I brought the camera back out, focusing on my family, and capturing those special moments. Before long I had invested in new camera equipment. I had caught the bug once again, and this time hopefully for good.

Since then I’ve been experiencing a rebirth, a new beginning. The drive to learn, to shoot, to meet people and create new memories with my camera has taken over my life. Photography has taken a front seat again in my life.

My new endeavor  Way Tay Images,  will hopefully bring all this together and I will be able to provide images from many genres of life. Sports, wildlife, life events and social photographic needs.

As I seek to find my niche in this business of photography I will be taking on many new challenges .

There are so many talented photographers in this world. It is my desire to one day be remembered as a great steward of the business of photography, as well as someone who has created images that last in people’s lives for years to come.

I have been fortunate to find success in my current profession in a very positive way. I’ve helped thousands of customers. Now it’s time to focus on my future, a future involving me, my cameras, and you. My desire is to spend the latter part of this life traveling and shooting events and wildlife well into my golden years.

Now, as a photographer, my job is to recognize life’s moments in my mind’s eye, capture them with my camera, and bring joy to thousands of people with immortalized images – photographs that families can save, share, and pass down through the generations.

Athletes know full well how inspirational a good photo can be. That one image can build confidence, correct style, inspire greatness, and frame you in the winners’ circle as the ultimate capture of that moment in your life.It all begins with the click of the shutter.

Good photographs inspire us to try something new.Good images make people smile. I want to be the photographer that keeps you connected to the sports, the things you love, and even inspire you to try something new.

Wayne Taylor